AllianceBlock and Holo announce a strategic partnership

We are excited to disclose our new partnership with Holo, and in this article, we will briefly outline what that entails! So stay put and enjoy the ride.

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We, at AllianceBlock, are building an all-in-one decentralised, community-driven investment and financing ecosystem powered by “The Brain” -A framework which uses deep learning, probabilistic programming and optimal transport theory-; Holo provides an agent-centric data structure named Holochain that can be used to build a wide variety of applications, mostly meant for decentralised economic business models, peer-to-peer networks, nonprofits and distributed social media networks.

We will use Holochain to build our social network of investors and its collective intelligence.

Our partnership agreement will leverage on the complementarity of AllianceBlock and Holo, and will include cross-marketing solutions, and cooperation in onboarding users for each other’s platforms. This will offer a fertile ground to support the growth of the distributed economy, our common vision.

David Atkinson, Commercial Director of Holo and Strategic Advisor of AllianceBlock said: “We are excited that AllianceBlock will be building the social component of its investor community and The Brain on Holochain. They are a great team and AllianceBlock will be a valuable addition to our communities.”

Rachid Ajaja, Co-Founder of AllianceBlock added: “One of the pillars of our platform consists of a rating system; where each user maintains its user data. For this part, we were looking for a DLT to host high scalable network features. After meeting David Atkinson at a gathering in 2018, we discovered the brilliance of the agent-centric protocol of Holochain; where each agent maintains its personal hashcode; better known as Distributed Hash Table. Not only will the peer maintain its data sovereignty, but this will also enhance the scalability of our platform“

Holo team explains: “With the agent-centric protocol each hash-chain entry is cryptographically signed to prove authorship and ensure accountability. Multi-party interactions (e.g., transactions) are mutually countersigned to each party’s chain, and peers are able to audit each other’s chains before agreeing to an interaction or transaction.”

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and discover how this all comes together.

In a nutshell Holochain’s function in AllianceBlock’s platform will consist of:

- Decentralising and distributing the user’s data of both companies and investors.

- Validating peer ratings for “The Brain” to calculate reputation scores for companies and investors.

1) Decentralization of data will be supported through the use of Holochain’s DHT architecture. The user will have the option to regulate its own user data, and decide on what to share. This makes AllianceBlock inherently GDPR compliant.

2) As each peer maintains its own data, a community of peers contributing, responding, voting or investing, will shape the envisioned (agent-centric) social network. Hence, peers will get rewarded for sharing their personal data, creating a sovereign peer-to-peer experience.

3) This consistent exchange of data leverages “The Brain” powered by; deep learning, unsupervised learning and optimal transport theory, which in return builds a complex network of information exchanges.

4) In other words: after “The Brain” processes the shared user-data, it computes reputation for users and ratings for companies. The computation of the company rating takes into account the reputation score, which we call “proof of reputation”.

5) So while each peer builds a reputation by contributions, the interaction between the peers is aggregated by “The Brain” into collective intelligence.

6) Such continuous growth in validated data exchanges can be compared to the synaptic bridges which help brain cells communicate, where more validated and exchanged data results in stronger or more reputable bridges; and in our case, ratings.

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Investor and Project Rating Flow combining Holochain agent centric system and the AllianceBlock brain.

The following quotes by the Holo team illustrate exactly how validation and consequently rating or reputation will function in the ecosystem of AllianceBlock:

When people ask about consensus, what they really want to know is how users can agree on the “facts” of their interactions, technically known as data integrity. Holochain applications (hApps) maintain data integrity without the need for blockchain-style global consensus.

Things in the real world — atoms, cells, bodies — maintain the integrity of their individual and collective state just fine without consensus on a global ledger. In the same way, Holochain’s approach to data-integrity is agent-centric, rather than data-centric, with each node being like a cell that maintains its own state while remaining bound to the physical and biological constraints of the ecosystem in which it lives.”

“To share data, an agent’s device sends it to a subset of random peers (randomness defends against collusion) based on the similarity of their public key hashes to the hash of the data being shared. These random devices check that the shared data follows the rules of the application. The data is rejected if it breaks the rules. If it follows the rules, the validator marks it valid, signs that statement, and propagates the data by gossiping to the network.”

The end vision of AllianceBlock is to build a new type of financing ecosystem. This ecosystem will be the foundation of DeFi (Decentralized Finance*). There are three pillars to our vision: Decentralized, Smart and Sustainable.

The solution we are developing isn’t just driven by ideology. Recent advances in regulations and tech allowed for the emergence of challenger banks in the retail domain (revolut, starling, monzo etc…). One area that remains relatively untouched is investment banking. Due to the complexities inherent to capital markets (Regulations, processes, network of corporates and investors, reputation) … challenger investment banks have not yet appeared.

Our founding team and advisory have more than 35 years combined experience in capital markets at top investment banks (Goldman, JP Morgan, Barclays…) and more than 10 years in AI, IT and software development (Barclays, VINCI, PostNL…).

Leveraging on cutting edge technology, we collapse all the departments of an investment bank into one flat platform, and provide SMEs with a cheap, quick and smart access to smart tokenized equity and/or debt financing.

Our differentiation is based on our use of AI, the Community (Collective Intelligence) and Holochain technology to decrease failure rate, increase investor ROI and allow the most transparent and merit-based access to capital; for corporates, and deals; for investors.

Liliana Carrillo, AI researcher and Co-Founder of says: “AllianceBlock crafts a bridge between underground crypto and tomorrows p2p economy. With “The Brain” and its collective intelligence, AllianceBlock will make sure that investors are protected, and facilitate that companies — both startups and SMEs- are selected and rewarded based upon validated achievements. A win-win for everyone.”

*We will soon release an article describing our DeFi ecosystem. Stay Tuned!

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Bridging Traditional Finance and Decentralized Finance

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