AllianceBlock joins L39, Europe’s largest Fintech accelerator

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AllianceBlock is starting a new phase of its development and has joined Level39, the world’s most connected community for fintech and cybersecurity businesses.

Since its launch, Level39 has established itself as the home to the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs. With more than 200 members from 48 different nations, Level39 has seen rapid growth since its inception in 2013.

Having supported its first billion-dollar company, Revolut, Level39 continues to deliver an environment that allows fast-growth technology businesses to scale. Providing access to world-class customers, talent and infrastructure — Level39 gives its members a unique ecosystem in which to play a core role in the UK and global economy.

Level39 is led by Ben Brabyn, an entrepreneur himself who launched the world’s first crowdfunding business, Bmycharity, enabling 800,000 donors to deliver more than £50 million to UK charities. Ben’s most recent role was working for the UK government as COO of UK Trade and Investment’s Venture Capital Unit, leading a team of VC and sector specialists.

Amber Ghaddar, Co-Founder of AllianceBlock says: “We are very happy to join the Level39 community. We have had access to world class mentors who have advised the like of Revolut and Transferwise. Level39 will allow us to strengthen our Go-to-market strategy by connecting us to both the bubbling fintech community and the traditional financial players in London and abroad”.

Asif Faruque, Head of Content at Level39, says: “AllianceBlock’s mission to transform the investment banking model is demonstrative of the ambition of our entrepreneurs based at Level39. These world-class innovators are working together, in close proximity, to enhance the safety, transparency and security of financial services; and they do it here at Level39.”

To learn more about AllianceBlock, join us at:

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