AllianceBlock Private Sale CLOSED

AllianceBlock ends Private Sale 12x oversubscribed in 72 hours.

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The blockchain community has spoken and the interest in the AllianceBlock proposition to bridge the gap between Traditional Finance (TradFi) and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) has been staggering.

In only 72 hours the US$500,000 Private Sale for AllianceBlock tokens was oversubscribed by approximately 1200%. The team has been overwhelmed by the response and we thank everyone for their expressions of interest and look forward to moving into the next phase.

Private Sale participants were selected based on the strategic value that they can bring to the project. Notable blockchain figures, traditional finance institutions, synergistic crypto projects, valued and interested community members and Venture Capital funds were all among the invited participants.

AllianceBlock CEO and Founder, Rachid Ajaja, said,

“We are humbled and grateful for the astonishing interest in our project and we are thrilled that so many people share the excitement about our vision to build the world’s first globally compliant decentralised capital market.

We are bridging traditional finance with the booming world of DeFi to potentially unlock trillions of dollars of institutional capital and allow it to enter the DeFi space in a fully compliant and legal manner. This is an exciting time for the whole team and we thank you for your support!”

To all our supporters that were unable to participate in this round, we would like to apologize and humbly ask for your support in the coming weeks and months where we will be unveiling more of the AllianceBlock ecosystem and what we have been working on behind the scenes.

AllianceBlock’s Path Forward

Following the completion of the Private Sale, the AllianceBlock team are focused on three main areas:

1) Market. Rapidly bringing AllianceBlock to secondary markets for public participation. We expect the ALBT token to be available on secondary markets within the next 3–4 weeks.

2) Partnerships. Securing and announcing a series of high-profile strategic partnerships in both the TradFi and DeFi worlds. AllianceBlock is building an entire ecosystem with participants that include major financial institutions, regulators, fintech & legal service providers, public blockchains, and synergistic blockchain projects. We already have a number of exciting partnerships secured and / or under discussion. These will be announced in due course and should provide more insight into the specific issues our solutions will address.

3) Development. Core to everything is the development of the Prometheus Protocol. We have a fully tested prototype to be shared soon that will form the basis for a robust blockchain-agnostic layer 2 protocol that provides transparency in data governance, security in transactions, compliance with regulations, and the automatisation of corporate actions.

Bringing DeFi to the World

Over the last year, the DeFi space has been rapidly gaining attention and capital. The innovation in this sector has been impressive, as has the capital inflows to some of the leading projects. While some may say DeFi is exhibiting bubbly characteristics, we believe that this is just the start of a movement that is now maturing into a credible alternative to TradFi.

We are proud to be able to say that we have been a part of this journey from very early on. AllianceBlock is a two year-old project, born and shaped in leading tech incubators in Europe, led by a team of investment bankers and quants who have been passionate about decentralized finance and the potential it brings to traditional finance from very early on.

By paving the way for the capital and existing infrastructure of TradFi to connect with the innovation and possibilities inherent within DeFi, we believe that we are on the cusp of an era that will redefine existing investment processes and create a better international capital market for all of us.

We look forward to having you join us on this journey.

Incubated by the famous accelerators Station F and L39 (the largest European Fintech incubator) and 2019 Alumni in the famous Kickstart Innovation Program in Zurich AllianceBlock was one of the 12 VC-vetted fintech startups generating buzz at the Money20/20 conference in Amsterdam.


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Bridging Traditional Finance and Decentralized Finance

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