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AllianceBlock Recap: The Story So Far

Since AllianceBlock was founded in August 2018, the scope and ambition of our decentralized capital market solution has expanded immensely, as a result of some of the insights and partnerships we formed, as well as the strong institutional and retail interest in our ecosystem.

Our goal is to democratize access to investments and give traditional finance (TradFi) firms and SMEs a way to access the blossoming DeFi industry while remaining compliant across all jurisdictions, by allowing firms to easily connect with blockchain applications and launch their own regulated tokens. Here’s a brief look at what we have achieved so far:

December 2018 — Quant Partnership

At AllianceBlock, we have always planned to make our decentralized capital market as accessible as possible, ensuring practically anybody has access to investment opportunities while allowing firms of all sizes to quickly and easily issue regulation-compliant tokens and raise funds.

To this end, we partnered with Quant, to use its Overledger technology to enable cross-chain swaps for AllianceBlock users — inline with our blockchain agnostic philosophy. Through the use of Overledger, AllianceBlock will be interoperable with dozens of other blockchains and existing networks, dramatically expanding the number of real-world use cases for our offering.

July 2019 — Holochain Partnership

We formed a strategic partnership with the scalable distributed computing platform Holochain.

As part of our partnership with Holo, we will be leveraging the platform’s advanced data distribution architecture to underpin the social component of the AllianceBlock ecosystem, keeping user data secure, while helping to contribute to “The Brain” — a deep learning model that lies at the heart of AllianceBlock’s peer-to-peer project rating and investor reputation solution.

July 2019 — AllianceBlock Joins Level39

To help refine our vision and build out our ecosystem, we joined Level39 back in July 2019. self-described as “the world’s most connected tech community”, Level39 is an accelerator and hub for promising startups and has helped produce some of the world’s most successful tech companies in the finance sector, including Revolut (now valued at $5 bn+) and WorldRemit.

Through L39, we gained access to an incredible ecosystem of entrepreneurs, talent, and infrastructure, helping grow the AllianceBlock network.

July-November 2019 — Selected by Kickstart Innovation

AllianceBlock also secured a place in the Kickstart Innovation class of 2019, after being chosen out of a pool of more than 500 applicants. AllianceBlock joined just ten selected projects to take part in a two-day boot camp in Zurich, where we pitched the platform to a panel of experts, investors, and professionals.

In our three months in the Kickstart Innovation program, AllianceBlock gained access to access to funding, partners, and clients, and built an extensive network of financial professionals, wealth managers, and private bankers. These takeaways have undoubtedly helped shape the AllianceBlock Foundation and protocol, and helped better recognize and address the needs of the market, and deliver on the long term ambition of the platform.

December 2019 — AllianceBlock Joins Station F

Continuing our incubation period, AllianceBlock joined the prestigious Station F incubator in Paris. Widely regarded as the world’s largest startup facility, Station F has worked with a huge number of successful startups, and forged partnerships with some of the biggest tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Zendesk.

As a Station F Alumni, we believe that the insights, connections, and experiences gathered during our time at Station F have been critical to our success.

September 2020 — Smart Contract Certified by CertiK

We enlisted CertiK, a leading blockchain security firm to conduct a full security review and audit of our smart contracts, ensuring that any issues are worked out prior to the completion of our token generation event.

As part of the auditing process, CertiK checked for common and uncommon attack vectors; compliance with industry standards and best practices; and performed a line-by-line review of the entire codebase. It also cross-referenced our code against that of other industry leaders and ensured the contract logic meets its intended function.

The full report can be viewed here.

September 2020 — Partnership with Orion Protocol

To kick off September, we partnered with one of the most advanced liquidity aggregation platforms — Orion Protocol. After raising $3.45 million through the world’s first dynamic coin offering (DYCO), a new type of token sale model by DAO Maker, Orion Protocol went on to become one of the most promising projects of 2020.

Through our partnership, we will be leveraging Orion Protocol’s trading capabilities to accelerate mainstream blockchain adoption and bring streamlined trading of regulated tokens to a range of traditional finance entities.

September 2020 — AllianceBlock (ALBT) Token Generation Event (TGE)

After completing our 12 times oversubscribed private sale and receiving the all-clear after our smart contract audit, we completed our much-anticipated token generation event, and launched the AllianceBlock Token (ABLT).

ALBT can now be traded on both Uniswap and Balancer, and is currently trading at more than 10x the private sale price following rampant demand from the community.

September 2020 — AIKON Partnership

Continuing our wave of strategic partnerships, we teamed up with AIKON, a GDPR and CCPA compliant Identity as a Service (IaaS) platform that provides a simple single sign-on solution to public blockchains.

Through our partnership with AIKON, we aim to make AllianceBlock as accessible as possible, by using AIKON’s identity management solution to enable users to easily sign up to our ecosystem using their pre-existing accounts, including those held with Google, Facebook, and Apple, among others. This will further strengthen the ecosystem we will develop.

September 2020 — Partnership with Kyros Ventures and TopJuan Tech (TTC)

Most recently, AllianceBlock formed partnerships with both Kyros Ventures and TopJuan Tech (TTC). Kyros Ventures is a conglomerate of four large Vietnamese cryptocurrency communities, with over 100,000 active traders.

TopJuan Tech, on the other hand, is a prominent fintech company that brings DeFi instruments to TradFi companies in the Philippines. As an E-money provider and virtual currency platform operator, TTC and AllianceBlock will work together to develop a regulated sandbox in the Philippines to create and test a range of compliant crypto structured products.

Our partnerships with Kyros Ventures and TopJuan Tech are aimed at testing the waters for our technology in booming crypto markets like Vietnam and the Philippines, with the goal of establishing a truly global decentralized capital market.

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