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AllianceBlock selected out of 1000+ startups to pitch at the Websummit Conference in Portugal.

The First All-in-one Investment & Financing Platform, AllianceBlock, to Attend the 2018 PITCH Competition at the Web Summit in Lisbon

AllianceBlock, the first decentralized AI-powered community-driven investment ecosystem, is delighted to announce that they have been selected to be part of the PITCH competition at the Websummit in Lisbon, Portugal. AllianceBlock is one of only 160 startups (out of 1000+ applicants) that have been given the opportunity to pitch live in front of a distinguished investor panel, influential media and global partners.

Taking place from November 4th to the 8th, AllianceBlock will engage with the 70,000+ attendees, 1,200+ speakers, and representatives from 170+ countries as they present their platform which will disrupt present financing and fundraising models.

“After the steam machine, electricity and information technology, the modern human economy is facing its fourth disruption; and that is decentralization and AI,” said Dr I.N.Amber Ghaddar, Co-founder of AllianceBlock.

“Remarkably, each disruption quickly translated into a stock market bubble which was invariably followed by a burst. The interesting point here, is that each burst gave the ability to shrewd investors to not only pick up pre existing companies for cheap but also to finance new companies that would grow to become the leaders of tomorrow. And we find ourselves today in the same scenario, where groundbreaking technologies (blockchain & AI), with still -in some cases- no tangible applications, have spiraled into a bubble which burst in December 2017. So now is the time to wisely pick the companies developing blockchain technology and to shrewdly finance the entrepreneurs that are building the giants of tomorrow.”

But as blockchain financing spreads rapidly around the world, as evidenced by the 537 ICOs thus far in H12018 with a total volume of 13.7 billion USD raised, investors should target increased transparency and security before making an investment. However, as it stands now, the lack of information, archaic analytics, a laborious process and the lack of transparency have increased the number of scams with roughly 10% of all ICOs money stolen and only one out of three ICOs closing successfully.

“Blockchain and decentralization are taking participative knowledge to the next level by setting the foundation for a participative economy.”

This is where AllianceBlock comes in. AllianceBlock is a fully transparent investment ecosystem that is heavily centered on the community. Each member of the community is both a user and an owner. And this community encompasses everyone: from seasoned crypto investors and professional traditional investors, to retail investors and newbies, as well as institutional funds and venture capital funds.

All projects are submitted through AllianceBlock, and are subjected to a thorough due diligence before being showcased to the community. The community then is given full access to the project and communicates with the project’s owners and among themselves to decide on the “Viability, Feasibility and Profitability” of the project. The community then votes and rates the project, which will require a minimum approval rate before going live for fundraising. AllianceBlock has developed a unique smart contract generation mechanism and a milestone based financing for increased security and transparency.

“The connectivity that stemmed from the internet and social media has allowed people from around the world to create a network of participative knowledge. Blockchain and decentralization are taking it to the next level by setting the foundation for a participative economy. The financing model needs intermediaries such as banks as they link the various participants, offering them the possibility to safely fulfill their financing -for corporates- and investing -for investors- needs. Today, we have a different option. Thanks to decentralization we are creating a safe and transparent ecosystem where both investors and corporates can have a direct, simple and transparent access to one another, cutting off the middleman, the paperwork and the relatively high fees. As a corporate you are literally one click away from your potential investors; which will advise you on both their needs and yours. This process will revolutionize the way we look at financing and fundraising” said Ghaddar. “In 2017, global equity market activity totaled more than $780bn. The banking industry made more than $20bn in fees to underwrite these shares. The market is huge, and the potential to disrupt is colossal.”

AllianceBlock will initially focus on early stage projects in blockchain and AI, but are aiming to quickly expand to SMEs. Confident in their revolutionary technology, AllianceBlock is looking forward to networking with the brightest minds this November in Portugal.

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