AllianceBlock: The Way Forward

A New Chapter

After two years of intensive planning and work behind the scenes, we are finally ready to share our vision with the world. AllianceBlock is building the world’s first globally compliant decentralized capital market. This is a very challenging task for one reason: While there are multiple tangible and significant benefits to decentralization, capital markets are subject to a vast set of rules and regulations.

It is our mission to bridge the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance.

In order to achieve this goal it is not possible to build a product and hope that the right market participants will drive its adoption. We have conducted intensive exploratory work within some of the world’s most prestigious incubators and cooperated with key regulators, leading service providers, and top financial institutions.

This work has led to the creation of the Prometheus Protocol (see article), the heart of the AllianceBlock Ecosystem. The protocol is blockchain agnostic and powered by the ALBT token, which fulfills multiple key functions within the protocol. See here for more details on token utility:

The ALBT Token Sale

We are proud to announce our private token sale, commencing right now. Investors will be selected on a merit-based approach, focusing on the strategic value they bring to AllianceBlock. The main objective of our private token sale is to incorporate key stakeholders and community members of the Decentralized Finance ecosystem that can help expand the AllianceBlock network in a meaningful way by forming a baseline for a healthy token economy.

Sale Metrics

ALBT Exchange Listing

After the private token sale, we will ensure that the ALBT token is available for purchase by the general public via both centralized and decentralized exchanges. ALBT will be listed at an initial price of $0.03. Please rest assured that we will put great focus on providing a liquid market for the ALBT token from day one.

Beyond the Private Sale

The ALBT private token sale is just the beginning of our journey. We are looking forward to presenting the results of our hard work in the near future, including a deep dive into the details of the Prometheus Protocol, specific use cases that will bring real-world adoption to the AllianceBlock Ecosystem, as well as exciting partnerships with leading global financial institutions that will work alongside our team to create a bridge between traditional and decentralized finance.

We are excited to be able to finally share our mission with all of you and hope you will join us on our mission to create the first truly decentralized and accessible capital market.

AllianceBlock pioneers the bridge between traditional finance and decentralized Finance (DeFi) by decentralizing global capital markets.

Incubated by the famous accelerators Station F and L39 (the largest European Fintech incubator) and 2019 Alumni in the famous Kickstart Innovation Prorgram in Zurich AllianceBlock was one of the 12 VC-vetted fintech startups generating buzz at the Money20/20 conference in Amsterdam.


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Bridging Traditional Finance and Decentralized Finance

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