AllianceBlock Year-End Update

Our co-founder Amber speaking at the Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai.

Well, for the last update of the year, we wish first and foremost to thank you all for your continued support this past quarter. The past two weeks have been busy and we know you all want to go get ready for the big party tonight. So we will keep it short and sweet!

Amber and Rachid represented AllianceBlock at the Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai. They had the opportunity to network with various local and global blockchain and fintech leaders and discuss how blockchain and AI can disrupt the rules of financing. The opening address was given by Dr. Obaid Al Zaabi, Chief Executive of the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority. Dr Al Zaabi highlighted that the UAE will introduce regulations for initial coin offerings (ICOs) in the country by the end of the first half of 2019, stressing that ICOs registration and licensing are available for all kinds of companies, from across the world.

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Amber and Rachid discussing with Cedric Joutet from the IFC (WorldBank) the concept of participative economy.

It was during the congress that we announced our new partnership with Quant Network. We are delighted to be able to offer Quant Network’s Overledger solution on our platform. We believe it will help democratize the use of blockchain technology and make it easier for start-ups and SMEs to wield blockchain technology (watch it on the video at the 10:35 mark).

We have many surprises coming in January, so stay tuned! In the meantime we wish you all a safe 31st of December and a joyous and prosperous 2019!

(Scroll down for our development end of year update)

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Amber and Rachid in matching Christmas colors, heading to the Global Blockchain Congress Gala in Dubai …

Development end of year update


Since the start of the development of the portal we have made 3017 commits. Which means, that over a course of only 114 workdays (so far), we have had an average of more than 26 commits per workday.

We try to limit ourselves to as less programming languages as possible to keep things manageable . The most common languages in all of our repositories are:

  • JavaScript (by far the most used, with a big distance over the others)
  • HTML/Vue
  • CSS
  • Solidity
  • TerraForm

User stories

For each new feature on the portal we create a user story in Jira. This story is planned into a (two weekly) sprint, refined by the team and divided into sub tasks. Each sub task is eventually assigned to a team member. The code submitted for that sub task is reviewed by another member of the team and when accepted, pushed to our staging environment, where everything is checked several times over. Once a couple of features are collected and accepted on the staging environment, they will be pushed to the production environment (the environment you all have access to).

Since the beginning of our platform we have had 1840 tasks on Jira.

Bug Bounty

Since the release of our MVP we have introduced the Bug Bounty Program. Since it's conception (3rd of November), 8 people have submitted 36 eligible bugs, through the program. Nearly all of them have solved. Only 3 bugs are still open and will be solved very soon.

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Latest Bug Bounty Program update

Summary of development in 2018

We have added so many nice features in the past few months. When we look back it feels like we have been working on the platform for much longer then we did in reality; so many features and great pieces of technology have been added… We are sure that we will have an easy to use platform for every type of investor that is safe and contains everything you need in order to maximize the ROI of your investment portfolio and to increase your investment knowledge.

Some of things we have tackled in the past few months

  • Automated deployment of smart contracts per project
  • Be able to invest in a project using an AllianceBlock wallet on the platform of which you hold your own private key and get back tokens in return
  • Swap tokens with other members on the platform without having to wait for an exchange listing
  • Collaborate together on a project: ask questions, share insights and upvote each other based on the quality of insights, answers and comments
  • Get identified through our KYC/AML procedure
  • Be able to transfer funds more easily: an easy to use GWEI slider and send funds to others by username instead of a public key
  • Make friends, send private messages and be able to hide profile information you don't want others to see

As mentioned before, we are now working on our infrastructure in order to be fully scalable and more secure. 2019 will bring many more great things to the platform. Make sure to stay tuned, we will make everything worth your while.

We wish everybody an amazing 2019!

Amber, Matthijs & Rachid 🎉

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