This is our first weekly development update after releasing our MVP.

First of all, we want to thank you for taking the time to test our platform and submit errors you have seen and features you'd like to see added.

In the past few weeks, besides visiting Web Summit, we have worked hard on the portal to make sure it's more user friendly and all submitted bugs were solved.

Bug Bounty Program

Here's an overview of submitted bugs that were eligible for the bug bounty program, by Telegram username:

Outcome of the Bug Bounty Program

Other things that have been added or changed in production:

  • Notifications appear as (non-intrusive) pop-ups
  • A more strict password policy
  • More clear errors during account creation (sign up)
  • Inform user that an invite was sent successfully when using the "Invite by e-mail" feature
  • Help text is added where possible
  • "Empty states" for empty lists (for example: the portfolio table and transaction history)
  • Indication of an error of failed Ethereum transactions in transaction history
  • Token overview available in your preferred currency
  • Added "loading states" on every page that loads dynamic items
  • Fixed token swap offer creation numeric validations
  • Fixed "download private key" button issues after first sign in
  • Added support for very large hard caps
  • Increased stability of blockchain related features
  • Fixed freezing of the portal after switching between projects without team members


Most of our work is contained in 12 different repositories on GitLab. In the last couple of weeks we have spent most of our time working on front-end related tasks.

This week we will highlight the work done in our front-end repository:

The front-end?

The "front-end" is a layer between you and the complicated stuff on the "back-end". This layer is also often referred to as "client-side" or just simply as the "web design". Basically everything you see happening on the portal is our front-end. On the "back-end" we perform the actual instructions received from the front-end (for example: writing and reading data to the database, handling user notifications, checking if a specific account is allowed to perform a specific operation or sending an e-mail).

Needless to say, the front-end, from a user's perspective, is one of the most important things of a web application.

Why is this important for our vision?

As we all know, hacked accounts, stolen funds and lost funds because the process is to hard to understand, are still a common occurrence. We care a lot about the safety of our users and the security of our platform. That's why it's important that we take the time to make sure that funds cannot get lost because of mistakes that can be made or that hackers can get access to your funds.

Our platform is to be accessible by all types of investors including those experienced with blockchain and not experienced with blockchain. This will benefit the whole community ultimately. That's why we need to make sure that they feel welcome, safe and comfortable to invest in a project on the platform.


Below are included two graphs that show the commits on our platform from the last week and the last month. In the graphs they are referred to as pipelines. This is because we have automated a couple of steps after the code is committed: like building that part of the application and to make sure the work is done properly (automated test execution). When those steps are executed successfully the work is deployed on our development environment where more tests will be done before releasing the new changes/fixes/features on the production environment (

Number of pipelines from the last week
Number of pipelines from the last month

Coming week

Obviously there is much more work to do and more features to add. In the coming week we will work very hard on polishing Two Factor Authorization, notifications about accepted token swaps and very fresh and excellent looking User and Social sections including privacy settings implemented in such a way you won't mind configuring them.

Off course, by then, we will also have released the remaining fixes and feature requests that came out of the Bug Bounty Program.

We are planning to release those features early next week.

Can't wait to see? Keep checking out our Telegram-channel (and brand new announcement channel) for updates.

Finally we will end this update with a few small teasers with what's coming very soon:

Two Factor Authorization
Privacy settings that are actually easy to understand and configure

And more…

Even more curious about what's next in the weeks after the coming week? These are just some of the things you can expect in the coming weeks:

Import contacts and automatically invite them to the platform

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