The last couple of weeks we got around to fix some open issues and work on some improvements regarding the database. We have had some issues with "database migrations" when publishing to another environment, that were fixed and worked on improving our local development environment to make the experience for developers more smooth so that it's easier to focus on the tasks at hand.

Bug Bounty update

Good to see some issues marked as done!

Some other development work

We have also focussed on optimizing queries to the Db. We have some SQL and some NoSQL data. Some of the SQL queries were there since the PoC and were due to be reviewed and optimized. This will ultimately result in an increase in performance, which will only noticeable when there will be an increased load on the portal. But it's good to be prepared with those things and have them ready for when it's needed.

2FA input

One thing I don't like on other platforms, is when they ignore the use of your "enter"-key after you input the 2FA code. Which means you'll have to move the mouse yourself to confirm the code. Not a nice user experience. Unfortunately we found out (through the usability group) that the enter key was ignored after input of your 2FA code on our platform as well. That's fixed now. In our opinion it's pretty bad UX (user experience).

Amount of tokens you are holding when creating a new offer

Another improvement on UX, is that you couldn't see how many tokens you are holding of a specific token when creating a new token swap offer. This would mean that you would need to either remember, go back to another section to check or to guess until you get no error anymore. In the update you will be able to see the amount of tokens you are currently holding of each token when creating a new offer, eliminating this small annoyance.

Private message endpoint improvement

We have discovered a way to send messages to other users while they are not your friend (yet). This is fixed. Maybe the messaging system will not look the same in the near future, compared to how it's implemented now. Do you have any thoughts about how this should look like? Let us know in our Telegram-channel!

Publish to production

In the coming days a push to production with the current fixes will be done. When done, we will share it in our Telegram-channel, so you can check out if the bugs that you have submitted yourself are indeed gone ;-)

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