Head to the portal and check out the new features and fixes (see the previous update and this update for more information).

Bug Bounty Program update

Unfortunately we haven't received any new bugs. If you were wondering if the bug bounty program is still active… Well, it still is! So, don't hesitate to sign in and keep looking for them (or sign up if you haven't done so already) and send your feedback to bounty@allianceblock.io and you might be rewarded with 50–500 ALC tokens, depending on the impact of the bug.

This is the current state of the reported bugs (you can see that this week, @sandurtjuh is kind of lonely there, so please feel free to join this list):

Updated Bug Bounty Program

Friends and Followers

Currently you can either follow users, or become friends with them (and automatically become their follower).

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Invite as friend or follow another user

While becoming friends has a clear purpose on our platform, since the social aspect is a very important part of our ecosystem, we left the follow functionality a bit open for now. We were thinking about ideas how to fill in this functionality, but decided that we would like your input instead.

We have three simple questions for you:

  • What kind of updates and/or information would you like to receive (and how) when you follow somebody?
  • What kind of updates and/or information would you like to share with your followers?
  • What would motivate you to follow somebody?

You are welcome to discuss this feature in our Telegram Channel! If you share a good idea or insight then you will receive a shoutout in our next weekly update!

What has been done this week?

  • See last pending transactions in the wallet pop-up
  • Asynchronous transactions when investing in a project (you can continue using the portal instead of waiting for the transaction to finish)
  • Clicking on a notification with a friend request now redirects you to the right page and right tab
  • KYC forms (including a webcam video recorder)
  • KYC status review
  • KYC notifications
  • User friendly error message when providing a wrong password while turning 2FA on or off
  • Import contacts from your Gmail account
  • Added country on public profile
  • Removed: A dummy filter on the contacts’ page
  • Fixed: Email digest texts
  • Fixed: After searching for contacts you were redirected to the home page
  • Fixed: Data overload after clicking currency button in portfolio multiple times
  • Fixed: Error when you have no contacts
  • Fixed: Case sensitivity on contacts search bar
  • Fixed: Error when refreshing profile
  • Upgraded: Blockchain endpoint security
  • Upgraded: Security on project investment page
  • Started working on easy GAS/GWEI controller
  • Started working on asynchronous transactions for token swap and other transactions
  • Started working on a more robust and scalable infrastructure

Asynchronous Blockchain Transactions

In order to improve the overall user experience we have started working on completely redesigning the way we communicate with the blockchain. The proof of concept can be seen in project investments.

When you invest in a project, the transaction will now be stored in a transaction controller. Its process will be monitored by a backend job that will send a notification when the transaction is complete. You will receive it as a regular notification in your communications center. In the meantime the transactions that are still pending can be seen in your wallet popup.

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See pending transactions in your wallet popup

The project investments were our proof of concept for this solution. At the moment, we are implementing the same technology on the other features that rely on blockchain transactions (like token swap and sending of tokens). These remaining implementations will be released together with KYC.

GAS en GWEI for newbies

As you might have experienced numerous times, GAS and GWEI determine the cost of your transaction on the Ethereum network. In a congested network, the importance of correct values increases significantly if you don't want to wait hours (or even more in some instances). In any case, a wrong value can either lead to a very expensive transaction or at least a very delayed one.

In other words, when you don't know the difference between GAS and GWEI, or have no idea about their concept at all, it might lead to some misunderstandings. Since we embrace users without extensive knowledge about blockchain or transaction mechanics, but still want to provide the ability to be in control of the amount of GAS you send in a transaction, we are introducing the GAS impact component.

For any transaction done on the blockchain through our platform you will be presented with the following information:

  • The time for the transaction to be settled
  • What this transaction will cost in USD, EUR, GBP or ETH (depending on your currencies’ preference)

An easy to use slider can be used to change the transaction fee, which will immediately update the impact on time and cost. This way, everybody understands the ramifications of their decision and whether it's worth it or not depending on the presented timeframe.


As hinted in the previous update, we have focused this week a lot on implementing a full KYC/AML procedure. As you might be aware, we are working on regulation, which means that a KYC/AML procedure is mandatory for all our users once we go live on mainnet. This also allows us to confirm that each user is unique, which is important for the voting system that will be implemented. With that in mind, KYC/AML is primordial to ensure a virtuous ecosystem for all the users of our platform.

We expect to release this very soon!

Please note that when you try out our KYC/AML procedure, you won't need to use real documents and information. All provided KYC/AML information will be reset once we are ready to migrate to mainnet and you will be asked (again) to provide your personal information.

What's next?

In the coming weeks, we will put a lot of effort in enhancing our infrastructure. The goal is to create a fully scalable environment that can handle an extreme amount of requests and users in a short amount of time. Remember those days that you had to invest in a very small window of time and nothing seemed to be working? We will be prepared.

Next week we will dedicate a section in our update to explain exactly what we are working on with regards to the infrastructure. Make sure you keep tuned!

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