We’ve added and extended core features to make our platform more user friendly, secure and manageable. Non-blocking transactions allow a user to continue to use the platform without having to wait for transactions to be finished. The GWEI slider gives a user the option to increase the speed of a transaction. For security purposes, KYC/AML procedure has been added as well.

Bug Bounty Program update

More bugs have been resolved this past week. Thank you for checking and submitting more @MurcMurc and @Murph9000!

Updated Bug Bounty Program

What has been done this week?

Besides solving above bugs that are marked as done, the following features were added/issues were fixed:

  • Be able to switch between KYC steps
  • Improved quality KYC video recording
  • Auto approval of KYC after 5 minutes (for testing purposes)
  • Added disclaimer to KYC to not use real data
  • Implemented KYC e-mail
  • Blockchain backend infrastructure: created a blockchain observer
  • Blockchain backend infrastructure: created lambda templates
  • Added GWEI slider
  • Implemented GWEI price in USD, EUR and GBP
  • Implemented dynamic default GWEI determinator
  • Implemented dynamic GWEI setting impact on transaction time
  • Implemented easy to use GWEI slider in Quick send, Wallet send and Project Invest (Token Swap coming soon)
  • Implemented asynchronous transactions in Quick send, Wallet send, Project Invest and Token Swap
  • Fixed: profile buttons position
  • Fixed: at least one external link was required on your profile
  • Fixed: user account menu button names
  • Fixed: feedback when you remove a contact
  • Fixed: inviting contacts didn’t work
  • Fixed: email digest didn’t work
  • Fixed: wrong sub menu item selection when selecting public profile option
  • Fixed: tokens in token send page were sometimes not loading
  • Fixed: resend confirmation email and reset password link
  • Fixed: wallet pop-up small layout issues
  • Fixed: wallet pop-up changes in size sometimes
  • Fixed: age should be 18+ when submitting KYC
  • Fixed missing: gender field to KYC


For KYC we have a separated service in a separate repository. Today, our developer Jorn Fiks will share something about the amount of work put in KYC in the past week:

In order to comply with regulations around the KYC/AML (Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering) procedures are necessary to have the most promising projects and most future proof projects on our platform.

KYC/AML step 1

The complete process exists out of 2 steps:
1) Input personal information
2) Upload documents

KYC requires personal information such as full name, birthdate and address.

The following information is mandatory to proof your identity:
- Passport
- Selfie with passport
- Short video
- Proof of address

All of this information and documents are usually required in any KYC/AML process. We’ve added the feature to record a small video. In this video, the client has to confirm personal information through audio, such as his/her full name while holding up an official document. This feature has been included so that we can comply with the requirements of our (future) third party provider.

The process
After uploading the personal information on the first page and uploading the required documents on the second page, the information can be submitted. Once it’s submitted, a request will be created. Currently, the request will automatically be approved after 5 minutes, as the information is not really being processed by a third party yet. Also, the information uploaded isn’t stored, so we highly recommend to use test data and fake documents (hint: use this situation to try to find a bug eligible for the bug bounty program). After your request has been approved, you’ll receive an email and a notification.

In the future, the information will be handed over to a third party provider who will approve the submitted documents and information.

KYC has it's own service on the platform and its own repository. Implementing the KYC feature seems like a small addition, but took quite a bit of effort. As you can see in the image below, a total of 8657 additions have been made, just for KYC:

Commits, pipelines and additions just for KYC

GAS and GWEI for newbies

Don't want to check ETH Gas Station and just set the amount of GWEI a bit higher just to be sure that your transaction will go through in time? Ever wondered what a transaction would cost you in fiat? We introduce something that will make sense to everybody:

GWEI slider when making an investment

Non blocking transactions

In order to make the portal comfortable and efficient to use in a way that will make sense to every type of user, we need to make sure you won't be confronted with information you might not understand or spend minutes waiting for certain processes to complete while you would prefer spending time on another part of the platform. To make sure we have the best experience for all type of users, we have reworked the way we handle our transactions.

Creating multiple token swap offers

Changes on infrastructure and architecture

As mentioned in the previous update, we have started working on changes on our infrastructure. The goal is to have an infinitely scalable platform that can handle an extreme amount of requests in a very short period of time in order to cope with extremely hyped projects and major bull runs, so that everybody has a fair chance to invest in their favorite projects.

We have initially started improving the scalability of our blockchain service. Below is the current (old) way of how transactions are processed:

Blockchain transaction processing currently

We utilize Lambda and SQS queueing (both through AWS) to improve the way of transaction processing. This is the new way of how transactions will be processed very soon (Redis in the middle):

Blockchain transaction handling in the (near) future

What's next?

The coming weeks we will mainly focus on improving our infrastructure and architecture. Besides that we will off course keep on working on issues submitted through the bug bounty program and several smaller improvements.

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