Usability group update

Our usability group is full! Thank you for all the submissions we have received. It was amazing to see the amount of passion you showed explaining how much you want to help out. This week we will start with the first warming up cases in the usability group. Updates, important decisions or interesting conclusions from discussions from the group will be shared in the development update so you can stay up to date, even though you are not in the group.

Bug bounty update

After receiving new feedback through the bug bounty program, we could add two more bugs that we are working on:

A small explanation about why the two issues submitted by @sandurtjuh are still "ongoing": since we are migrating our functions to Lambda, we are rewriting the notification and messaging part. Solving these issues would not make sense right now, but they will automatically be solved once the new notification system is in place.

The bug bounty program is still open, don't forget to check and submit any issue you will find!

What has been done last week

Off course we have spent most of our time working on anything related to serverless development: SES, SQS, Lambda, boilerplates, etc.

Besides that:

  • Visual distinction between incoming and outgoing friend requests in contact's card overview
  • Reworked contact cards layout
  • Increased security on some endpoints
  • Updated investment page (show more information about investment)
  • Fixed some layout issues in the edit profile modal
  • Split some privacy settings, so you have more control on the information you want to show/not to show
  • Started work on standardizing all modals (if you look closely, there are some differences, especially related to titles, button positions and closing buttons)
  • Visual indication that a filter is set on the list of projects
  • Confirmation email fixes
  • Transparency fix for uploaded images
  • Minimized need of scrolling in edit profile modal
  • Increased allowed max file size for image uploads
  • Quick send: when entering a wrong password, you will now be informed through the modal itself. You won't need to redo the whole process anymore (will be implemented in other features soon as well)
  • Spamming for public endpoints is now blocked
  • BUG: solved: two clicks needed on quick send pop up after entering a wallet address
  • BUG: solved: when cancelling the password entry step at the quick send process, you still get the message "submitting transaction"

Please bare in mind that those issues are not live yet! They will be pushed soon.

More about our way of working

Developing efficiently is not only about writing good code, but also organizing good processes around your coding. Our Lead Full Stack Developer, Stephan Boeve, shares some insights about our way of working through Slack and Jira:

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The usage of third-party tooling is inevitable for every project. As you know, we use Jira for issue management & GitLab for code management.
As you may also know, by experience perhaps, at some point there is so much going on in different environments, that it gets increasingly hard to keep up to date with everything that is going on.

Since our team is pretty decentralized, we use Slack for our daily interactions with each other. We're pretty much always online, and very reactive on Slack, making it feel like we are sitting right next to each other. By integrating our important tools (Jira, GitLab…) into Slack, we automatically receive information about anything currently being done by each developer.

For example, when an issue in Jira is solved. A notification is sent to a specific Slack channel. Members of this channel can see the issue is resolved and take action if necessary.

Image for post
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Everybody now knows the status of certain issues

For GitLab, the integration goes a bit further. We monitor almost everything, from merge requests, merge approvals & pipeline status to deployment status.

Image for post
Image for post
Notification about a commit being merged and the affected repository (Frontend in this case)
Image for post
Image for post
If something went wrong, you can immediately take action

This makes life so much easier! The whole team knows what is going on, if there’s an issue or something that affects your work, you can handle it straight away.

Obviously, good communication within a team is key for good product development. In this case we combine our communication platform with interesting notifications from other platforms. There's no need to login in the other platforms all the time to keep yourself up to date, when we can bring all important information together at the platform where we spend a lot of time already anyway.

If you have any questions about how this is set up technically, or need any help if you are seriously interested in this way of working as well, feel free to shoot us a question in our Telegram group.

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