In case you haven't registered an account yet on our platform ( if you register an account before before January 31st 11:59 PM CET you will receive 250 ALC utility tokens to spend on the AllianceBlock platform once it switches to mainnet (already registered accounts will receive this bonus as well).

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Create an account on the AllianceBlock platform

Please note:

  • only one account allowed per person (will be verified through KYC once we go live)

Temporarily bi-weekly updates

For the coming three months we will focus on the infrastructure, partnerships and extending our organization. Mixed with the fact that we want to focus on providing quality updates that will be of interest, we will temporarily change the frequency of the development updates to one update per two weeks.

Bug Bounty

We have received a couple more, keep 'em coming guys!

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Please note: currently the platform has not been optimized yet for mobile usage. We will focus on that in the next phase. This does concern mostly front-end work. As you can see in this update of the Bug Bounty program, there is an issue submitted regarding mobile usage that is eligible, because it is blocking the usage of the portal completely with a newly created account.

What has been done?

In case you have signed in with an existing account in the past couple days, you might have wondered why you have received a message urging you to download your private key (again). This is because we have fixed an issue by making sure any user has downloaded its private key before using the platform. This increases access to accounts with lost passwords, and makes sure the users understand their private key is theirs, not ours. By enabling this feature, there is a one time pop up for already registered users that have downloaded their private key (again).

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Updates in production

All completed tasks from the last couple of weeks have now been pushed to production, go check it out!

Completed tasks

Besides working on the infrastructure and architecture, the following tasks and issues has been completed:

  • Changed change/remove avatar buttons to be visible on light avatars (same for cover image)

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