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Two Years of Growth: The Incubators That Have Shaped AllianceBlock’s Vision

Two-years in the making, AllianceBlock has developed in both scope and potential as a result of the hard work and dedication of its heavily-experienced team, in combination with the efforts of some of Europe’s most prestigious incubators.

AllianceBlock recognized early on that creating the world’s first globally compliant decentralized capital market was no small task — so it tapped some of the biggest reservoirs of talent and council on the planet to forge the path ahead.

Addressing a Trillion-Dollar Market

The global securities market is a $100 trillion industry with many of the largest capital markets achieving well in excess of $50 billion in daily trading volume. AllianceBlock aims to disrupt this industry with a protocol that successfully solves some of the biggest pain points of traditional finance using our highly flexible regulatory compliance framework.

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AllianceBlock aims to completely reinvent capital markets with the Prometheus Protocol, a multi-layered blockchain-based framework that clearly simplifies the capital transfer process between regulated and opaque markets.

The AllianceBlock ecosystem seeks to return control of private data to participants, democratize access to securities, and distribute governance to all stakeholders using cryptographically-secure blockchain technology.

It is important to understand that AllianceBlock seeks to do much more than just disrupt the digital security space. AllianceBlock and the Prometheus Protocol will facilitate inflows of capital from traditional markets into all types of DeFi (and other blockchain) projects, including credit & lending, payments, staking, marketplaces, investments, derivatives, infrastructure, exchanges & liquidity, insurance, and the rapidly advancing areas of yield farming. The opportunities here are significant.

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Rachid Ajaja, AllianceBlock Founder & CEO

“Throughout our development, we saw a real interest in tokenization. However, even in countries with more advanced regulations towards tokenization, like Switzerland, it’s hard to deal with an asset after tokenizing it. At this point, we saw the need to pivot and start building the Prometheus Protocol, which is the long-awaited bridge between the traditional institutions, the need for tokenization, and decentralized finance while focusing on regulations and compliance.” — Rachid Ajaja, AllianceBlock Founder & CEO.

While many projects are seeking to capitalize on waves of hype and “fear of missing out” (FOMO), AllianceBlock has long-term ambitions and wants to ensure that its product release meets the rigorous standards its community and investors expect. Because of this, AllianceBlock has been working on its solution for two years, during which it leveraged the expertise and resources of some of the world’s most prestigious incubators, helping to refine its vision, optimize efforts, and ensure the Prometheus Protocol addresses the needs of the market.

“Through encrypted user validation and data storage, blockchain-based registries, and the end-to-end issuance of digitized assets, AllianceBlock will form the first decentralized capital market, and allow traditional players to safely enter practically any DeFi market — whether that be crypto asset insurance, balancers, liquidity provision, derivatives trading or anything else — all while ensuring absolute regulatory compliance,” said Rachid.

The Incubators That Helped AllianceBlock Grow

In 2019, AllianceBlock became a member of Level39 — one of Europe’s most successful incubators and accelerators.

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Image credits: Level39

Based in the heart of London’s business center, Level39 has helped several of the world’s most successful financial technology companies maximize their potential and achieve incredible growth.

Some of Level39’s biggest success stories include Revolut — one of the world’s fastest-growing digital banks with over 1 million customers in the UK alone. Revolut recently raised $500 million in Series D funding, placing the company at a $5.5 billion valuation. Popular online money transfer and remittance firm WorldRemit also originated in Level39, and pulled in over $100 million in revenue in 2018, and achieved a valuation in excess of $900 million in 2019.

Level39’s history of success mostly comprises disruptive firms that have tackled long-standing problems in the finance and money transfer industry — with names like doPay, LootBank, and Capexmove being among the numerous modern finance firms that Level39 pushed in the right direction.

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AllianceBlock Co-founders Amber and Rachid (Left). (Image credits: Thomas Lüthi, Ringier)

Shortly after, AllianceBlock joined the Kickstart Innovation class of 2019, beating 400 other applicants to secure the position. As part of the opportunity, AllianceBlock was able to bump heads with some of the best and brightest in the finance industry and validate its vision for the future of investment banking.

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Image credits: Station F

In January 2020, AllianceBlock secured a place in the Station F Founders Program — a full-time residency initiative that helps entrepreneurs and promising startups innovate, grow their network, and access crucial resources for developing their concept and achieving their goals.

By far the world’s biggest startup incubator, Station F has helped hundreds of startups move to the next stage of development, and raise the funds needed to thrive.

The insights garnered from working with Station F, Level39, and Kickstart Innovation, as well as top financial institutions, regulators, and service providers, have proved indispensable in fine-tuning AllianceBlock’s framework, ensuring it is ready to tackle some of the biggest challenges in traditional finance.

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Matthijs de Vries, AllianceBlock Founder & CTO

“We have always aimed to become a fully decentralized investment platform. After being accepted in a top tier incubator, we’ve met with countless financial institutions including private banks, wealth managers, asset managers, and investment banks. The insights we gained from our interactions helped shape our vision for the Prometheus Protocol, and highlighted an immense need for a next-generation digital identity, security issuance, custody, and liquidity solution.” — Matthijs de Vries, AllianceBlock Founder & CTO.

Incubated by the famous accelerators Station F and L39 (the largest European Fintech incubator) and 2019 Alumni in the famous Kickstart Innovation Program in Zurich AllianceBlock was one of the 12 VC-vetted fintech startups generating buzz at the Money20/20 conference in Amsterdam.

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